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Homes in foreclosure and homes that have reverted to your institution's ownership present special appraisal challenges.  For  a property in foreclusre you will need to know the difference between Fair Market Value and "Quick" disposition value.   At Capital Ventures LLC we have experience in both providing snapshots of Fair Market Value for our mortgage lending and servicing clients as well as "Quick" sale forecasts that understand you timeline. 

Owners of property in foreclosure, of course, present special challenges.  They may be unwilling to allow an inspection of the property.  If they have abandoned the property already, they may have neglected care of the home for some time, or worse, caused damage.  We have the experience and training to deal with the special dynamics of a foreclosure appraisal and you should not hesitate to rely on us.

For properties that have already reverted to Real Estate Owned, you likewise will be interested in a Quick disposition value as well as an "As-Is" and  "As Repaired" values.  These represent the value of the property without any work done to it and with the work required to make the property marketable to full market value.  Again we understand your timeline and the unique circumstances of a REO property, as well as the special information you will need, competing listings, market trends and statistics.


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